This guide contains all the information you will need to run the OSA Electronics DACBerry AMP/AMP+.


  1. What we need
  2. Assembly
  3. Quick install
  4. Volumio instructions
  5. Retropie instructions

What we need


Use the nylon screws and standoffs to assembly the Raspberry Pi together with the DACBerry AMP/AMP+, as shown on the image below:


Quick Install

There is an easy way to install support for DACBerry AMP/AMP+ on Raspbian Jessie.

Just run the following code from your Raspberry Pi with Internet connectivity:

You may need to reboot once. After rebooting, everything should work!

*NOTE: If quick install doesn’t work at all, or want to follow step by step instructions, please refer to the Retropie part.


Volumio Instructions

Volumio team is already working to add official support on next release, but meanwhile, you can follow these steps to make it work:

*IMPORTANT: In order to make it works properly, is recommended to do a fresh install of Volumio and use lastest version.



Volumio is a perfect choice if you want to stream music from your Apple devices.

Step 1
Open Volumio and navigate trought “Network” in Settings Panel, and connect to your WiFi network.

Step 2
Inside “Network” settings, locate “Hotspot Settings” tab and enable it if it’s not. Restart.

Step 3
Go to your desired Apple (or Windows) device and open iTunes if you are using a computer, or open the “control center” if using a phone/tablet. Go to the “Airplay” icon and select “Volumio”.

Step 4

That’s it! Enjoy streaming music!

Adding password to your Airplay device

With the Airplay feature activated, everybody will have access to your device and will be able to play music on it. If you want to add a password to it, follow these instructions.

Step 1
Open an SSH connection to your Pi, if you can’t connect at all, enable it on volumio.local/dev.

Then, type the following line to open up the template for the shairport config file in a text editor:

Step 2
In the “general” section, add a password, like this:

Save the file as usual and reboot.

Step 3
Connect to your device, you should be prompted for a password when airplaying to it.

Retropie Instructions

As for Raspbian Jessie, just run the following code from your Raspberry Pi with Internet connectivity:

The next step is to edit the raspi modules list with:

This file should be blank! Just copy and paste the following text into the file:

Save the file as usual and reboot:

Now to check everything is as expected, just type:

You should see something like that:

And voilà! Enjoy playing retro games!

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